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Home Owners Insurance Coverage Info

What is a Homeowners Policy?

  • Homeowner’s protects your dwelling and possession for replacement cost.
  • It gives you liability coverage for any one who is hurt on your property.
  • It provides away from your premises liability if you damage others property.
  • It gives coverage of your personal property while traveling up to 10% of the personal property limit, or if a child is in college.
  • It covers newly acquired property for a 30 day period with out notifying your agent.
  • Homeowners give you inflation guard coverage that helps keep your value up to current replacement value.
  • Protects building on the property use in conjunction with the dwelling maintenance.
  • It can a have a variety of endorsement to broaden coverage, give you scheduled property coverage for valuable items and higher limits of personal liability.

Types of homeowner’s protection:

  • Home ownership is one of your biggest assets and special form homeowners insurance is the methods to protect your home.
  • Renters insurance include apartments, dwelling and mobile homes.  You can protect your personal property with renter’s coverage.
  • Condominium owners have special needs and they are covered by a special form of homeowners insurance designed to provide specific condo coverage.

What’s the best coverage for your needs?

  • Talk with one of our experienced insurance agents about your particular situation.
  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Be sure and request multi-policy credits
  • Carry the highest deductible you can afford to lower premium
  • Ask for comparison quotes

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